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BSE and the Economic Community

Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) is one of the cornerstones of the Botswana financial system and is at the centre of facilitating Botswana’s transition to an International Financial Services Centre.


From its pre-eminent domestic base, the BSE continues to demonstrate Botswana’s consummate performance on the global capital markets, by providing access to the country’s equity and debt markets.

The BSE facilitates this process by having strategic foreign investors use its market, as an entry point to the country and availing the opportunity to raise capital efficiently. It also provides a transparent and efficient exit mechanism for these investors when the need arises.

The BSE provides Botswana companies with a cost-effective alternative to raise needed capital at a relatively low cost.

These funds are used by companies for growth purposes, thereby leading to more job creation, and provide the Public Sector with a broader fiscal base, for which to finance a broad array of infrastructure and social needs.

Overall, this will improve the economic position of Botswana.

Ultimately, the BSE plays an integral role in the Botswana economy. The BSE is at the heart of the market bringing listed companies, investors, government institutions, brokers and media vendors together.

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