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Motswedi Securities

Who are we

Motswedi securities is citizen-owned company positioned to render services to aspiring individuals and institutions who seek to gain wealth by:

  • Purchasing and holding stocks (shares)
  • Investing in long-term debt instruments (bonds)

We also seek to become the preferred broker of choice for capital raising through listings and rights issues.

Our vision

To be the securities company of choice, providing exceptional services to investors by being their partner and helping create wealth for them.

Where are we

We are situated in the Ground Floor, Unit 30, Kgale Mews, Plot 113, Gaborone.

What is our core business

Motswedi Securities endeavors to provide quality services to both individuals and institutional investors in the following key areas:

  • Trading of listed equities primarily on the Botswana Stock Exchange.
  • Trading of other Botswana Stock Exchange listed securities like corporate and government bonds.
  • Acting as advisors to companies seeking a listing on the Botswana Stock Exchange.
  • Trading in Bank of Botswana certificates.
  • It is our intension to provide "impact research" at a macro level and not necessarily counter-specific.
  • Developing corporate finance skills within the company to participate in the corporatisation, privatization and listing of state assets.

Why Us?

Motswedi Securities employs the services of custodial agents when settling transactions on behalf of clients, which minimises settlement risk and further protects the interest of its clients.

Our Business

Institutional Stockbroking

This is aimed at the larger institutional clients who typically have access to large long-term funds that they can invest over a longer period of time. Motswedi Securities aims to service their clients well, taking into account challenges presented by the Botswana Stock Exchange (especially liquidity) so that their trading costs are minimized. Motswedi Securities also aims to supplement and accommodating block deals typical of such investors.

Private Client Stock Broking

Motswedi Securities aims to take on board the so-called "man in the street" investors who is typically left out, marginalized and generally crowded out by the larger investors when it comes to market activity. It is the stated vision of Motswedi Securities to promote financial market awareness to this of investors so that they can also take advantage of the opportunities that the financial market (including the Stock Exchange) can offer.

Bond Trading

Motswedi Securities will take an active part in the trading of all corporate and government bonds that are listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange.

Bank of Botswana Certificate - (BoBC) Trading

Motswedi Securities facilitates the trading of these instruments to private clients by allowing them to trade in smaller demonstrations.

Corporate Action Sponsor

Motswedi Securities will also avail its services to companies that wish to undertake such corporate action like new listings, restructuring, rights issues, mergers and acquisitions, etc.


Motswedi Securities endeavors to add value to all its clients by supplying them with appropriate research that will help them make informed investments decisions.

Motswedi Securities Trust

This trust is independent of Motswedi Securities (Pty) Ltd, its shareholders and its board, and has been set up to ring-fence clients assets from those of Motswedi Securities (Pty) Ltd.

Contact Person Telephone Number Fax Number Email
Martin Makgatlhe +267 318-8627 +267 318-8629 motswedi@motswedi.co.bw

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