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Primary Dealers

These are special members allowed to transact in government bonds, apart from the full BSE members (Brokers).

Government Bond Primary Dealers

Primary Dealer/ Institution Contact Person Telephone No.
Standard Chartered Bank, Botswana
5th Floor, Standard House
P.O Box 496
Queens Road, The Mall
Maungo Sebonego ( Director,Treasury Markets )
Simbarashe Masuka(Associate Director, Treasury Markets)
Sinqobile Magenga ( Director, Head Financial Market Sales )
Ibeni Phama ( Product Sales Manager )
Tel: ( +267 ) 3601502/8/9
Fax: (+267 ) 3900915
Standard Chartered Bank Botswana offers expertise and services in Financial Markets solutions, Corporate Finance and Transaction Banking.

These capabilities include:

  • Client-focused trading in bonds, currencies, derivatives and structured products.
  • Debt Capital Markets ( Client Coverage, Origination, Structuring & Execution of New Issuances )
  • Advisory Services & Research
  • Sub- Custodial Services & Settlements
  • Corporate Finance
  • Cash Management
Stanbic Bank, Botswana
Plot 5067,
Off Machel Drive, Fairgrounds,
Private Bag 00168, Gaborone, Botswana
Patrick Kgosidialwa(Head,Global Markets Trading)
Lesego Osman (Head of Global Markets)
Mobile: +267 72333777
Direct: +267 3618195
Direct: +267 3618191
Email: GlobalMarkets-Botswana@mail.standardbank.com
First National Bank, Botswana
The Treasurer
P O Box 1552
Plot 8944 Khama Cresent
Pauline Motswagae Tel: +267 395 6579
Fax:+267 390 8984
Email: pmotswagae@fnbbotswana.co.bw
Barclays Bank Botswana
The Treasury
P.O Box 1100 Gaborone
Lindiwe Khumalo/Solomon Moremong Tel: +267 395 2993
Barclays Bank Treasury is an appointed Tier 1 Primary Dealer, by the Bank of Botswana

Our roles include the following:

  • Participation in all Government Bond and Treasury Bill Auctions.
  • Active player in the Secondary Market for Government Bonds. Our prices are available on our Reuters page - BBBONDS. We can also be contacted through Reuters. Our dealing code is BCYB
  • Provide advice and information on the Botswana Market, including Bonds, Foreign Exchange, as well as structured products
  • Barclays Bank Botswana also provides Securities and Custodial Services




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