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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I buy shares
    All shares bought and sold on the BSE can be bought through a stockbroker. A stockbroker acts as your agent in buying or selling shares. They also provide professional financial advice and charge fees for their services.

  • How do I find a stockbroker
    To find a stockbroker please refer to the stockbroker referral section on the site. They are three registered in Botswana. The BSE does not recommend one broker over the other.

  • How do I find a share price of a company
    The BSE has daily market reports that are posted on the website. You can also ask your broker to furnish you with daily market activities.

  • How do I follow the activities of listed companies
    Under BSE Listing rules, companies are required to make announcements of about their activities to ensure that the market is fully informed.

  • How do I find out about upcoming floats
    Be on the continuous lookout for statements in the Gazette, Mmegi, Guardian and Daily Newspapers. The BSE will also make press announcements regarding any new listings (IPO’s).

  • When do companies announce their results
    BSE rules require companies to lodge their half yearly, annual reports and any other reports that may have negative or positive effect in the decision making of an investor.

  • How do I find contact details of listed companies or share registry
    See company information section of the site.

  • VAT in relation to playing the stock exchange
    VAT is imposed on the transactions with brokers. For more information, contact your broker.