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Conditions to Meet

To become listed, an entity must come within one of the following admissions categories.

BSE domestic equity market – This is the main board.

BSE Venture Capital market – Dedicated to start up ventures, has less stringent requirements.

BSE Foreign equity market – This category is for foreign entities seeking secondary listing on the BSE.

BSE Debt Listing – This category is for the admission of entities seeking quotation of debt securities only.

  • Number of public Security holders - Minimum 10 bondholders
  • Financial Statements - 3 years financial statements
  • Disclosure Documents - Programme Memorandum/ Pricing Supplement
Type of Condition BSE Domestic
Equity Market (Main Board)
Venture Capital
BSE Foreign equity Market BSE Debt Listing
Share capital At least P1,000,000 P 500,000 N/A N/A>
Number of Shares issued At least 1 million shares At least 1 million shares N/A N/A
Minimal Initial Price 100 Thebe per share. i.e. P1.00 P0.50 N/A N/A
Number of public security holders 300 public shareholders, 25 preference shares and 10 debentures. 20% of each equity class must be held by the public. Minimum 5% of each class of to be held by the public. 75 equity, 25 preference shares and 10 debentures N/A The minimum number of shareholders of 10 and minimum P 50 million face value debt to be quoted
Profit Test Satisfactory profit over 3 years, P 1 million before tax is the last reported and audited. No profit history, but at least be able to project above average credible returns N/A N/A
Financial Statements Last 3 financial years statements N/A N/A N/A
Disclosure Document Prospectus, or a memorandum Information memorandum N/A N/A

Foreign Equity Market

Companies wishing to list on this market will require BSE to apply the same conditions applicable in their home country markets. Their primary listing market requirements will apply as admission conditions for this category.