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Obligation of the Listing

To protect market integrity, a listed entity is required to comply with the ‘Continuing Obligations’ outlined in section 3 of the BSE Listings Requirements.  These are based on listings requirements which includes the following;

  • Timely disclosure which may affect security values, or investment decisions, and information in which security holders, investors and BSE have a legitimate interest.
  • Practices must be adopted and pursued which protect the interests of security holders, including ownership interests and the right to vote
  • Security holders must be consulted on matters of significance

Keeping the market informed

BSE regards the timely disclosure of relevant information as of prime importance in the operation of an efficient market. There is a general requirement to disclose to the market any information that it material. A listed entity must immediately give the BSE any information that it becomes aware of, which a reasonable person would expect to have material effect on the price or value of the entity’s securities.

Reporting obligations

A listed entity is required to provide the BSE regular reports. This includes Annual reports, half yearly reports, quarterly dividend payments to shareholders and other significant information that is material such as cash flow statements.

Other requirements

They are other requirements apart from disclosure rules such as voting issues and transfers of securities and transactions.