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Getting Started on BSE

Why Invest?

We all need to develop to a saving plan and create an investment portfolio to meet our financial goals. The Stock Exchange offers an excellent opportunity to do so. What’s more, the Stock Exchange offers you the opportunity to invest in Botswana’s future. You’ll be investing in Botswana companies who will then be hiring workers, expanding their businesses and contributing to the overall development of our economy. (we generally try to stay away from promising any kind of return in the stock market)

What is a share and what are the benefits of holding them?

They are part ownership in a company. When a company that you have purchased shares in makes a profit, you share part of those profits plus capital growth (when the share price of that company increases, you are able to sell them at a higher price).

Other benefits:

  • Historically, shares in the long-term have shown they bring better returns than any other investment
  • Dividends are taxed once in Botswana
  • Offer diversification to other asset classes you may already hold
  • The main benefit is that you have a voice. You shift from being a consumer of a company services or product to that of shareholder that has a say in how the company is run.

How the Sharemarket Works

The sharemarket serves two functions:

  • Providing a link between companies needing funds to expand and people with funds to invest; and
  • Providing a marketplace for trading shares at the current market price

Creating wealth for Batswana

On any given day, you are purchasing goods and services of companies that have their shares traded on the BSE. For instance, if you bank at Barclays or FNB, fuel at Engen, you are using products and services of BSE listed companies.

If a BSE listed company makes profits, the company may choose to distribute that profit by either paying dividends or retaining them to expand their business. If you own shares in that company, you benefit by getting increased dividends if dividends are paid, or your shares worth increase when the company retains the profits and expands its business.

Getting Ready to Invest

Set investment goals. To do so ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want to achieve from your investments?
  • Do you want a return in the form of income or capital growth
  • How risk averse are you
  • Do you need additional security

What is a stockbroker?

Stockbrocker are agents licensed by the BSE to act on behalf of clients to buy and sell shares.

You need these agents as they are the only licensed individuals who can provide you with access to the BSE market place.

Downloadable Documents

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