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Botswana Telecommunication Corporation (BTC)


Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) is a parastatal organization incorporated under the BTC Act of 1980 to provide telecommunications services in Botswana. BTC is wholly – owned by the Botswana government.

An amendment of the BTC Act in 1996 allowed the establishment of a regulator known as the Botswana Telecommunications Authority. Subsequently the regulator repealed the monopoly of BTC and introduced competition by licensing two cellular operators; Mascom Wireless and Vista Communications, which are now operating. The amended Act further liberalized the telecommunications market in Botswana, with particular emphasis on customer premises equipment and value added services, many of which are now in full competition to BTC.

BTC is currently undergoing a three – year transformation programme which entails fundamental management, financial and operational restructuring over a period of three years. This involves a complete overhaul of BTC’s organization, staffing and operational systems. The programme will be rigorous and should secure the position of the Corporation and the quality of the Botswana’s telecommunications into the future.


BTC’s range of communications products and services include wired and wireless networks, basic voice telephony and voice messaging, Internet Protocol (IP) based networks and solutions, high – speed internet access, data networks, customer premises equipment (PABXs) optical fibre connectivity solutions and online directory services. The corporation’s extensive range of services is built around its national networks comprising wired and wireless connections serving 143 000 (March 2002) customer access line connections.

The launching of basic rate Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN) has been tailored to address the growing telecommunications requirements especially in the business sector. ISDN offers integrated speech, data, text and video services with end-to-end digital connectivity through a standard access point. This is in addition to the benefits and convenience of faster speeds, improved communication quality and reduced operating cost.

Spurred on by an overriding priority to be responsive to customer requirements, the corporation has committed substantial resources to improving maintenance and service delivery on its access networks. The company offers value added services in addition to the basic telephony. Such value added services are call diversion and forwarding, three party conferencing, abbreviated dialing, call waiting, international and national call barring, alarm call, 0800 toll free services and voice messaging.

Data communications services by BTC are available through a managed data network on a point - to – point and point – to – multi point that can be provided to customers at their bandwidth requirements. These services are Frame Relay (BotsFrame), leased lines, ATM and X25.

The corporation also provides high capacity access to Internet for major corporate customers and Internet Services providers (ISPs). Points of presence (POPS) are now established in five centers around the country enabling Internet customers to dial at the cost of a local call.


A P110 million rural developments project, branded Nteletsa, is currently underway for the provision of service to 147 villages in three districts of Southern, North East and Kweneng. The first customer connections are in progress and the project is scheduled to take 18 months.


The implementation of the numbering change project, which converts fixed telephone numbers on the BTC network from six to seven digits, started in July 2001 as a regulatory requirement, amongst other reasons, to cater for a shortage of numbers in certain areas of the country. BTC has successfully converted all numbers to seven digits, with the all areas now covered.


Chief Executive: Noel Herrity
Email: noel@btc.bw
General email: allbtc_emailusers@btc.bw
Website: www.btc.bw

Description BTCP01
Issue Date 2000
Amount (Pm) Up to P200
Redemption Date November 2004
Interest Coupon BTCP01/06 – 13.50%
Financials and Announcements Unaudited Interim Results for Period Ended 30 September 2002



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