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Sefalana Holding Company Limited

Sefalana, Botswana's Bountiful Granary came into existence in 1974 and was the first company to list
on the Botswana Stock Exchange in 1979. To this day, the Group remains the only listed company
without a controlling shareholder with approximately 92% of shares being held by Batswana.

The Group has grown into a considerable and diverse corporation, operating in a number of sectors
including over 60 stores in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods ("FMCG") sector within Botswana,
Namibia and most recently, Lesotho.

The Group prides itself in delivering sustained shareholder value through creating a high performance
culture, by empowering its people and continuously exceeding its customer expectations.

The Group's Directors and Management are committed to constantly meeting the highest standards
of corporate governance as set out in the King Report in order to achieve a good balance between
direction, control, accountability, responsibility, fairness and transparency at the Board level, while
also ensuring management decision-making capability and efficiency. The Group observes high levels
of corporate governance in all aspects.

Sefalana Group consists of the following business segments:

1. Sefalana Cash & Carry Limited ("Sefcash")

Sefalana owns 100% of Sefcash, a leading wholesaler and retailer of fast moving consumer
goods. The Sefcash store compliment consists of 19 retail supermarkets under the name
"Sefalana Shopper", 3 convenience stores under the name "Sefalana Quick", 25 cash & carry
outlets trading under the name "Sefalana Cash & Carry", 3 Hyper Stores located in Gaborone,
Francistown and Mahalaype, trading as "Sefalana Hyper", 4 liquor stores, trading as "Sefalana
Liquor" and 1 cigarette distribution outlet trading under the name "Capital Tobacco". In
addition, the company has just under 400 voluntary retail franchise members located
throughout Botswana who trade under the names Supa 7, Supa Deal, Citi Saver, Bonanza, Pula
Value and Triple Seven Liquor.

In July 2014, Sefcash extended its retail and wholesale operations to neighbouring Namibia,
operating 14 stores across the country under the name "Metro". More recently in November
2016, the Group expanded into Lesotho, managing the largest cash & carry in the country
under the name "TFS".

2. Sefalana Properties

Over the years Sefalana has made significant strategic investments in property. The majority
of the Group properties are held by Meybeernick Investments (Pty) Limited, a wholly owned
subsidiary of Sefalana. Properties are spread throughout the country and include office
blocks, workshops, factories and warehouses. Currently, the Group holds over 600,000
square meters of land of which just under 150,000 square meters is developed property. The
Group occupies roughly three quarters of this developed property with a considerable rental

income being earned from third party tenants. Sefalana continually identifies properties in
strategic locations and constantly evaluates investment projects to maximize return to
shareholders. In addition to properties in Botswana, the Group operates a first class, well
positioned property in Zambia and 4 properties in Namibia.

3. Foods Botswana

Foods Botswana (Pty) Limited, a 100% subsidiary of Sefalana, operates a factory in Serowe
from which it mills and produces sorghum, soya and maize based extruded products, malt
and diastatic malt. The market for the products of the company is split between provision of
enriched meals for the Botswana Government feeding schemes and its own branded
products distributed through Botswana. The newly established Food Botswana Beverages
division comprises of a UHT milk plant which commenced production of the "A Star" house-
brand UHT milk and relaunch of the Delta Fresh range of products in 2016.

4. MF Group

In 2006, the Group acquired a 70% stake in MF Holdings (Pty) Limited, a private company
registered in Botswana. MF Group consists of 3 wholly owned subsidiaries namely
Commercial Motors (Pty) Limited, which is the official franchised local representative for
Honda, MAN and TATA automotive products, Mechanised Farming (Pty) Limited that
provides sales and workshop facilities for heavy construction and farming equipment and
implements, and is the exclusive distributorship of Massey Ferguson Tractors and Honda
Power Products to name a few, and Ellery Holdings (Pty) Limited.

5. KSI Group (KSI)

KSI produces a variety of bath soaps, laundry soaps, and dishwashing liquid soap for the
Botswana and Zimbabwean market. The KSI laundry soaps are accepted in the market as
being of excellent quality and value. The KSI factory is one of the oldest manufacturing
companies in Botswana as it was originally established in Botswana in 1985.

The investment in the KSI Group was initially made by Sefalana on 1 May 2006 by acquiring a
50% stake. Trans Africa Cash & Carry Limited, part of the Overseas Development Enterprises
owned the balance of the 50% stake. On 1 May 2013, Sefalana welcomed on board strategic
partners with extensive experience in the soap industry and as a consequence, Sefalana
reduced its stake in Kgalagadi Soap Industries (Pty) Limited to 25%. This entity is now
accounted for as an associate company.

6. Natural Value Foods Botswana

This entity was established in 2014 as a joint venture between Sefalana and a South African
entity, Natural Value Foods (Pty) Limited. The entity operates as a wholesaler of fresh fruits
and vegetables, supplying its produce to Sefalana retail and wholesale stores throughout the
country. As part of Sefalana's responsible investment in improving the welfare of Batswana,
produce is procured through local farmers wherever possible.

Shares in Issue 250,726,709.00
Date of Listing 19 Jun 1989
Reuters Code SEFA.BT
Bloomberg Code SFLN.BG
ISIN No. BW 000 000 0157
Year End April
Address Plot 10038, Corner of Nelson Mandela Drive and Kubu Road, Broadhurst Industrial
Private Bag 0080, Gaborone, Botswana
, Email: mosman@sefalana.com
Telephone +267 3913661
Directors/senior Management PHK Kedikilwe (Chairman), EM Dewah, KR Jefferis, RM Motswaiso, CD Chauhan (Group Managing Director), MS Osman (Group Finance Director), HW Kampmann (Sefcash - Managing Director)
Name of compliance Officer Mohamed Osman
Details of Transfer Secretaries Corpserve Botswana
Unit 206
Second Floor
Plot 64516
Showgrounds Close, Fairgrounds
P.O.Box 1583, AAD
Details of Auditors PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Pty) Ltd
Plot 50371, FairgroundsOffice Park
PO Box 294Gaborone




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