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Market Info: (Prices in Thebe)

BSE Indices and Share Prices


BSE Indices measure the movement in share values resulting from trading on the BSE, as per calculation by the BSE Trade and Listings department.

The BSE Indices are:

  • Domestic Company Index - incorporates any company which is primarily listed on the BSE
  • Foreign Company Index – incorporates companies that are dual listed on the BSE
  • All Company Index – this is the weighted average of the DCI and FCI

Share Prices

You can access latest share prices from the BSE Market report. The “last” column on the BSE market report indicates the last prevailing price of a particular share.

Column 1

This is the short form of the name of the company whose security is listed

Column 2 -BID

This is the price, in Thebe, that the buyer is willing to pay for the security.

Column 3- OFFER

This is the price, in Thebe, that the seller is willing to accept for the security.

Column 4 - LAST

This is the last price at which the security was traded.

Column 5 - SALES

This is the price (range) at which the security was traded during the week.

Column 6 - VOLUME

This is the number of securities that were traded during the week.


This is the total number of securities that have been issued by the firm and are available to the public for trading.

Column 8 - Market Capitalisation

This is the total value of the company that accrues to the holders / owners of the particular security.

Market Report

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