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Objectives & Benefits

Objectives & Structure

The objective of the Tshipidi Mentorship Program (TMP) is to provide practical training to potential issuers through a comprehensive and interactive program that covers the key themes necessary to position a company to list on the BSE. The program is administered by the experts within the listing ecosystem and seeks to bring the potential issuers closer to the listings advisers, investors and leaders of already listed companies. The inception of this program is largely attributed to the fact that SMEs in Botswana do not operate as corporates across various elements and structures. As such, there is an opportunity within the private sector to assist SMEs to “corporatize” thus preparing them to leverage off platforms such as the Exchange for growth. Therefore, as a strategic initiative, the BSE decided to set up this mentorship program in a bid to assist SMEs to strategize, corporatize and acclimatize in order to list to access equity finance and expand operations. 

The structure of the program entails a thorough needs assessment of each company, practical training offered by industry experts with regards to key elements of corporatization, capital structure and commercial law and training on regulations and governance requirements. Further, advisors in the listings ecosystem provide an overview of their roles in the listings process and provide a high-level orientation on how applicants can prepare for a listing. 

Benefits of TMP

The TMP will be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Practical insights, knowledge and feedback from institutional investors about what they look for, and how the company should look like, for them to invest in IPOs. 
  • Increased awareness of the BSE listing requirements by potential issuers as well as applied knowledge of the same.
  • Creation of an intimate network of advisors and progressive access advisors and CEOs of listed companies.
  • The companies will graduate with improve governance structures and better knowledge of articulating their business strategy.
  • Increased visibility to the public through BSE marketing platforms. 
  • Knowledge of packaging and articulating prospectus which necessary to apply for a listing.
  • Will generate a pipeline of companies that can be further nurtured for eventual listing.

For more information on the Tshipidi Mentorship Program (TMP), please e-mail us at or call the BSE on (+267) 3674400.