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Regulatory Framework

The main law which governs all the activities between the Exchange and its members, the proceedings of the main Committee and its composition; the relationship between the Minister and the Exchange together with the relations between the Registrar, the exchange and members of the exchange is the Botswana Stock Exchange Act No 11 of 1994.

The members have promulgated Rules (Members Rules) which provide for the requirements to be fulfilled for the securities listed and trading on the Exchange. Members Rules provide as the main objective thereof, “to operate a Stock Exchange in Botswana with due regard to the public interest, and to maintain fair and efficient dealing in securities for the protection of investors and to regulate the affairs of members”.

In addition, the Exchange has a set of Listing Requirements which provide the pre-listing requirements and post listing requirements to be observed by the issuers of listed Securities. The emphasis is to make sure issuers disclose as much information to the public and investors so that the latter can make informed investment decisions.

List of BSEL Registered Advisers PDF 569Kb
Guidance for listed companies on reporting ESG information to investors PDF 270Kb
Rules Regulating Market Makers PDF 270Kb
BSE Equity Listings Requirements PDF 270Kb
King III Report on Corporate Governance PDF 270Kb
The BSE Code of Best Practice on Corporate Governance PDF 270Kb
Guidance notes on submission of information to the BSE PDF 75Kb
Minimum information that should be included in the financial statements PDF 88Kb
Guide to Listing PDF 128Kb
BSE Act of 1994 PDF 125Kb
Government Bond Regulations Passed in December 2003
Member Rules PDF 448Kb
BSE Listing Requirements PDF 1.1Mb
CSD Securities Depository Company of Botswana Limited - Rules PDF 278Kb
BSE Trading - Rules (Under Review) PDF 103Kb
BSE ATS Trading - Rules PDF 359Kb
ETF Listing Requirements Section 18 Amended June 09 PDF 53.5Kb
Listing, Trading and Data Fees PDF 62.8Kb
Application Form for Xnews Email Alerts PDF 54.2Mb
Bond Index Rules and Calculation methodology PDF 11.9.3Kb
BSE Serala OTC Board - Conditions of Registration PDF 1.1Mb
Conventions - BSE Price Indices PDF 1.1Mb
Conventions - Total Return Indices PDF 1.1Mb
Registered Advisors PDF 1.1Mb
Market Report and Publications

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