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Annual Report  This is a financial report or statement issued by publicly listed company to its shareholders. It contains profit and loss statements, Balance sheet and statement of cash flow, as well as business resolutions.
At the Market Type of order by an investor to buy or sell at the prevailing market price at the time the order is given.
Bid The price at which someone is prepared to buy shares
Blue chip Highly valued shares in a major company known for its long history and good performance
Bonus shares/bonus issue Additional shares issued by the company to existing shareholders for free, usually in a pre-determined ratio to number of shares already held.
Brokerage Fee paid to stockbroking firm for buying and selling shares
Capital Funding for investment in capital assets or to operate a business.
Coupons An interest payment that occurs one, twice or four times annually.
Diversification Spreading investments over a variety of investment categories in order to reduce risk.
Dividend Distribution of part of a company’s net profit to shareholders. Usually expressed as a number of thebe’s per share.
Equities In financial terms, means the same as shares, which are just part ownership of a company.
Liquidity Being able to convert assets into cash easily and quickly. A liquid market is a market with enough participants to make buying and selling easy.
Listed Company A company that has agreed to abide by BSE Listing rules so that its shares can be bought and sold on BSE markets.
Market Capitalization Total number of shares on issue multiplied by their market price. Could be used to work out the value the market, value of a company or of all companies listed on the exchange.
Market Price Prevailing price of shares traded on BSE. May be the last price at which at which the shares traded, or the most recent price offered or bid for the shares.
Offer The price at which someone is prepared to sell shares.
Prospectus Document issued by a company or fund setting out terms of its public equity issue or debt raising. Provides background and financial and management status of the company or fund, subject to the requirements of the BSE Listing rules and BSE Act.
Rights issue A privilege granted to shareholders to buy new shares in the same company, usually below the prevailing market price.
Securities A general term applied to all shares, bonds and notes.
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