Data Products

Data Products

Currently, the products that can be listed on the BSE include Equities, Bonds and Exchange Traded Funds.

Market Data Available:

  • Equities – Access to the data generated as equity trades occur throughout the day (Real time or delayed data) and the statistics we generate after trading has closed (including end-of-day data, historical data, corporate disclosures)
  • Market Indices – We offer a range of index data in real time, delayed as well as historical data on an ad-hoc basis as and when there is a request. BSE can assist in creating a customized index on request.
  • Bonds Access Bond market and the Botswana Bond Index Series historical information
  • Exchange Traded Funds – Get access to trading information on ETFs and latest ETF issuer reports

Data Products

We are able to provide a wide range of Historical Market Data, whether for a single instrument or for a range of dates across all our markets. The data can be packaged to suit your requirements.


If you require the Market Data to support an educational activity, we will consider waiving Market Data fees as long as certain conditions are met. Please contact the Product Development Department at (+267) 3674400 to enquire about the data packages and rates.

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