Corporate Social Responsibility


BSE aims to be a world class securities exchange delivering innovative products and services according to several stock market variables, as well as to drive sustainable economic growth by providing a gateway for raising capital and accessing investment opportunities. This will be achieved through;

  • Growing the market in terms of number of listings, market capitalization and
  • Providing excellent returns for participants,
  • Attracting foreign portfolio investment,
  • Growing participation of local investors,
  • Improving internal operational efficiency and
  • Commercialisation of the BSE

BSE recognises that the achievement of the demutualisation plan means that the organisation not only has to strategically position itself as world class, but have the right partnerships from a corporate social investment position in order to enhance its standing within the community in which it operates.

The Corporate Social Investment (CSI) policy will drive the BSE closer to the people, generate the much needed publicity and brand equity and reflect BSE commitment to the society.


Sponsorships can be two ways. For example a company can solicit sponsorship from the BSE, and the BSE can also solicit sponsorships from other companies. Essentially, a sponsorship is a mutual agreement between one or more parties for the contribution of goods, services or funds on a once off or continuous basis. Unlike other forms of support, sponsorships involve a commercial benefit or payback in terms of recognition to the sponsor through marketing initiatives in order to gain business mileage.

Community Projects

These are projects that a company undertakes in the short to medium term, in a chosen area of focus. The projects are mainly used to engage communities in different ways, hence carry a marketing and public relations element.  


Donations are charitable in nature and are the act of giving in – kind or financial resources to a charity or Non – Governmental Organisation. Normally, the donating organisation does not expect to receive marketing mileage, but publicity for acts of donations can be carried out depending on the requirements of the donor and recipient organisation.


An endorsement is a public pronouncement of support for a company, individual, product or service to influence the way the target market views the company, product, individual or service. The process of endorsement is commercial in nature, and involves a marketing element to the endorsed party, but the endorsed party need not endorse back. Endorsements can have financial implications.

Our CSI Guiding Principles

Long-term View: The BSE CSI policy will be supported by initiatives done with a medium to long term view. For the duration of the partnerships, there will be a reporting mechanism in place to gauge progress, and leverage on the publicity element where required.

Compliance: The BSE, in the execution of CSI initiatives, shall comply with and understand all applicable, local, international, written, declared and effected laws and regulations, in accordance with CSI activities or partners.

Accountability: The BSE will be accountable for all the funds or in-kind resources that have been channeled to CSI projects and shall maintain all the requisite documentation.

Transparency: BSE shall clearly, accurately, and comprehensively declare its CSI policy, decisions and activities. Such information shall be available to affected persons or those likely to be affected by the policy.

Respect: BSE shall execute its CSI policy, and practice in a way that respects its CSI stakeholders.

Brand recognition: The BSE shall use CSI activities to depict the exchange in a way that promotes its position within the community in which it operates, while building brand recognition and loyalty.

Our CSI Identity

CSI initiatives contribute to the real needs of communities that the BSE operates in. It is therefore important that the sustainable contribution to the development and economic growth of the country is highlighted through the packaging of these activities. This is especially important in leveraging from an enhanced corporate image, improved employee morale, as well as a stable environment.

Since CSI is regarded as a strategic activity at the BSE, and not just an extension of marketing or public relations activities, the BSE CSI programme will have a name and a theme as highlighted below;

Name: BSE Dipoelo Programme
Theme: Investing in our Community

Area Of Focus

The BSE will focus on CSI initiatives that fall under any of the categories below;

  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community development
  • Health
  • Environmental/Sustainability issue

Initiatives Selection Criteria

Selection of CSI activities will be based on the following requirements;

  • Complimentary of goals for the sponsor and recipient
  • Wide impact initiatives, meeting the needs of a large population rather than a few people.
  • Educational and economic opportunities for disadvantaged/ low income groups of people, families and communities provided
  • The ability to deliver and have measureable outcomes
  • Beneficiaries should be involved in project planning
  • No violation of rules, standards and the law
  • There should be not conflict of issues involved
  • Organization or registered companies coordinated activities, and not individual activities are preferred as the BSE recognizes a greater risk that is associated individual projects.

The following initiatives will not be considered;

  • Outside the organization’s key focus
  • Political party activities
  • Individual projects
  • Activities not planned for
  • Travel and related expenses, overdraft, and debt reduction
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Events sponsored by any company or organization where there is direct competition
  • Groups such as choirs, sport clubs unless they fall in either the education or health category
  • Gruesome sports such as wrestling, karate, boxing and activities 
  • Entertainment/music shows

Classification Of Events To Be Taken

Mainstay BSE events: The exchange will host yearly CSI initiatives that are spearheaded by the exchange.

Presidential/Ministry Pledges: The exchange will participate in activities that hinge on national calls or ministerial pledges for corporate entities to be involved, such as the adopt – a school initiative and the Presidential housing plight. These activities will assist the BSE to be aligned to national needs. The BSE will carry out one project a year under this category.

Collaborative: The Exchange will send out a call for CSI proposals to carry out projects and donations that fall within following financial year, and select initiatives based on their suitability and availability of the budget.


The BSE name carries a lot of value due to the nature of the mandate and the associated brand; as such any sponsorship partners that the BSE seeks should bring value to the exchange. The main purpose of BSE sponsorships is to gain mileage and generate visibility for the brand.

Sponsorship Benefits Required

In the short term, the BSE expects the following from organisations it sponsors;

  • Recognition of the BSE as a sponsor through the display of the logo on all marketing material such as programs, print media, electronic media, press conferences, billboards, invitation cards, tickets
  • Placement of branding collateral at the venue of the event
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Invitation to events
  • Any other agreed benefits

Equally, when the BSE is the recipient of a sponsorship, the above will be offered to the sponsoring entity.
In the long-term, the BSE expects to benefit from the following as a result of sponsorships;

  • Understanding of the BSE mandate
  • Brand equity and loyalty
  • Interest to list and invest in the exchange

Scope And Submission Of Sponsorship

BSE handles numerous sponsorship requests from various members of the business and corporate environment. The exchange supports the concept of utilizing the various sponsorships with entities to leverage on brand equity and as such aims use this platform to promote its mandate and products to the entities sponsored.

BSE will not provide sponsorships in monetary terms, but will rather use its position as a stock exchange to provide share vouchers to the entities sponsored. In some instances, the BSE will provide promotional material as sponsorship. The above method of sponsorship will minimize on the risk that is associated with giving out cash as sponsorship. In a rare instance where a cash sponsorship is made, the Market Development Manager in consultation with the CSI Committee, will send a formal request to the Chief Executive Officer seeking approval to engage in a cash sponsorship.

At the end of every financial year, the BSE will send out an “Expression of Interest” for proposals for requests for sponsorship for the following year, and from that submission BSE will select initiatives to be supported based on their alignment to this policy and availability of the CSI budget.

Any additional or adhoc sponsorships will only be carried out through the recommendation of the CSI committee and approved by the Chief Executive Officer. In the case of adhoc requests for sponsorship, there should be a clear reason why a proposal was not received during the call for proposals. The request should be submitted at least 10 weeks prior to the proposed event or activity in order to allocate adequate time to evaluate the proposal, negotiate benefits and agreements, and plan for participation well in advance.

Sponsorship Procedure

Recommendations for sponsorships will be made by the Corporate Social Investment Committee which comprises of selected members of staff, and chaired by the Market Development Manager. The mandate to approve or reject any sponsorship will rest with the Chief Executive Officer working on the recommendation of the Market Development Manager. Only the Market Development Manager and the Chief Executive Officer or those acting on their behalf, will sign the sponsorship acceptance or rejection letters. 
The CSI committee will meet as and when the need arise to evaluate requests for sponsorships. In the case of offers of sponsorship to the BSE, the team/project leader in consultation with the Market Development Manager, will make recommendation to the Chief Executive Officer on the acceptance or rejection of the sponsorship. 
The BSE sponsorship response time will be within 5 days of receipt of a request. A standardized set of tools of assessment will be used to aid this process.

Sponsorship Terms And Conditions

The following conditions of offer will apply for sponsorships and will be included in the letter of offer;

  • Acceptance of sponsorship shall be made within 5 working days
  • Share vouchers are valid for 2 months after the event  
  • The committed funds will be paid towards the services required for the event
  • Botswana Stock Exchange is to be recognized as a sponsor on all communication material and platforms according to the specified benefits.
  • The BSE reserves the right to revoke sponsorship should one or more of the conditions be breached.
  • It is the responsibility of the entity being sponsored to collect the BSE branding collateral
  • Contact the Market Development Department for any enquiries.

Termination Of Sponsorship

The BSE retains the right to terminate any sponsorship without giving reasons if the sponsorship agreement has not been met, furthermore the BSE may reject any sponsorships from any company or individual without any disclosure. 

BSE Community Projects

The exchange will undertake on a yearly basis, community projects with the exchange’s area of focus which are of a mainstay nature, and can partner with interested parties to host such events. The BSE will have a selected number of CSI events a year, and also host schools for familiarization tours of the exchange. Requests for tours will be accepted from schools that have expressed interest, or in the absence of that, schools will be invited by the exchange through social media to express interest.
The Market Development Department will spearhead the BSE community projects supported by the CSI Committee and staff according to the set timelines and budget.


BSE will engage in donations which are driven by the Presidential and Ministerial pledges. The activities chosen will address national calls or pledges for corporate entities to be involved at a presidential or ministerial level. The BSE will carry out one project a year on a medium to long-term basis under this category.

The exchange will also engage in a donation that is collaborative and as a response to the CSI proposals received after the call for submissions. One (1) initiative will be selected under this category.


Endorsements will be done as and when required. For the BSE to endorse a company or product, the provisions of the policy under 5 and 6 will apply, and the Head of Market Development will seek, in writing, the approval of the CEO for the endorsement to be effected. No financial resources will be allocated to endorsements.

Monitoring And Evaluation

The Market Development Department will implement the following to aid CSI Policy process;

  • Develop a CSI Plan for the year
  • Develop a set of tools according to this policy to grade CSI initiatives
  • Provide annual reports on the performance of the CSI activities
  • Use the feedback from the stakeholder perception survey to provide remedial action and even amend certain provisions of the policy