Imara Capital Securities

Imara Capital Securities (Pty) Ltd (formerly Capital Securities) was established in 1999 and started stockbroking operations in March 2000 as part of the Capital Group of companies. Imara Capital Securities became a part of the Imara Group of companies following Imara Holdings Ltd, the Pan- African financial services provider’s purchase of a majority stake in the company.

Why Imara Capital Securities?
We pride ourselves as being leading investment specialists with our Group- wide research driven advice on purchasing and selling of stocks (shares/securities) locally and in the region.
To be the leading Broker in the region.
Where we are
We are located at Morojwa Mews Plot 74770, unit 6, 2nd Floor, Western Commercial Road, New Central Business District (New CBD).
Our Services
We deal with all of Botswana’s major institutions, including banks, fund managers and parastatals, as well as large overseas institutions with considerable investments in Botswana’s economy. The institutional broking team is actively involved in capital raisings for a diverse range of companies and organizations. We also service a large clientele of individuals and small to medium enterprises. Our sales team is continuously briefed and updated on the stocks researched by Imara Capital Securities. This means that advisers can make informed recommendations to clients as to the most appropriate stocks to trade in or to build share portfolios.
Our Core Business
  • Broking- we act as agents to buying and selling shares on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE).
  • We provide research for the Botswana Market- and can offer regional research through the Group.
  • We provide sponsoring broking roles to listings and standing listed entities.
Sponsoring Broker Role
Imara Capital Securities has been involved in several corporate actions ranging from share splits, capital raising exercises which include listings by way of initial public offerings (IPOs), debt issuances as well as listings by way of introduction. We also work with listed companies on an on-going basis to ensure that all regulatory requirements relating to securities listings are met. We have been instrumental in the developments of the resource sector on the BSE with our involvement as sponsoring broker on 99% of the listings in the sector.
Tel: (+267) 318 8886
Fax: (+267) 318 8887
Contact: Gregory Matsake (CEO