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Stockbrokers Botswana was established in 1989, the company was instrumental in the establishment of the Botswana Stock Exchange and has been involved the development of the capital markets in Botswana. Stockbrokers Botswana has established relationships with domestic and foreign, institutional and individual investors, and the largest active emerging market investors into the region. Prior to the enactment of the Botswana Stock Exchange Act in 1994, the company acted as both the informal Share Market and a stockbroking company.

Core Business
Stockbrokers Botswana is a registered member of the Botswana Stock Exchange and provides stockbroking services that cover a wide range of products listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange, including equities, bonds, and Exchange Traded Funds.
Corporate Broking
This is a corollary of, and derived from, our experience in the Botswana capital markets and the listed securities particularly. This includes sponsoring brokership for existing corporate clients, new listings, rights issues and capital raisings. Allied to this is the placement of equity, for listed and unlisted corporates.
Research Capability
Stockbrokers Botswana established a research function in 1994, the first dedicated service of this kind among the local brokers. The research team has scored consistently in analyst rankings by international bodies. Research concentrates on bottom up corporate analysis of the listed companies on the BSE, but also includes top down economic coverage and strategic recommendations. The department also conducts research in support of the company’s sponsoring broker function.
Transaction credentials
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